AQ Energy Review: Is the Solar Company Worth It?


Enter AQ Energy, a company that's been making waves in this sunny sector. Known for its commitment to providing solar solutions that range from cozy residential setups to sprawling commercial installations, AQ Energy has positioned itself as a key player in Malaysia's solar narrative. Their promise? To transform ordinary rooftops into powerhouses of clean, green energy.

The Growing Solar Power Market: A Sustainable Future


The global solar power market is projected to grow from $234.86 billion in 2022 to $373.84 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 6.9% in forecast period, 2022-2029.

5 Best Electric Grills for a Greener Grill Game


Welcome to the electrifying world of grilling, where convenience meets innovation, and where we say goodbye to the days of singed eyebrows and hello to the era of sleek, smokeless cooking. Electric grills are sparking a revolution in backyards and balconies across the globe, making the art of grilling more accessible, cleaner, and, dare we say, a whole lot cooler.

5 Best Electric Lawn Mowers for Eco-Conscious Gardeners


Gone are the days when the weekend ritual of lawn care was synonymous with the roar and fumes of a gas-powered beast. Today, electric lawn mowers are silently, yet powerfully, carving out their place in backyards across the globe.

ESG vs ISO Standards: The Ultimate Showdown in the Business Arena


In the grand scheme of things, it's not about choosing between ESG or ISO. It's about making the business world a little less 'corporate-y' and a bit more 'cool-porate-y', where doing good and doing well are two sides of the same coin.

From Fries to Flights: The Sizzling Journey of Cooking Oil into Sustainable Aviation Fuel


Instead of envisioning a tank full of traditional fuel, picture it brimming with the essence of last week's fast food – a quirky, yet apt metaphor for this green aviation revolution.

Navigating the Green Maze: A Guide to ESG Software


ESG software is a powerful tool in the arsenal of modern business – one that can drive change for a better world. So, here's to harnessing its power responsibly, and to a future where business success and sustainability go hand in hand!

Sustainability Reporting: Streamlining the Process with Online Forms


Bravo, technology, bravo! Online forms aren't just reporting tools, they're like the cool kids on the tech block, driving positive change and being all integral and stuff.

A Comprehensive Guide to Sustainability Reporting in Malaysia (Bursa Malaysia Guide)


As companies increasingly recognize the benefits of sustainability reporting—ranging from operational efficiencies and risk mitigation to enhanced brand reputation and access to capital—sustainability is expected to become deeply ingrained in the corporate ethos.

The 2023 Global Clean Energy Innovation Expo Celebrates Its Grand Opening

2023 Global Clean Energy Innovation Expo

On November 15, the 25th China International High-Tech Fair—Global Clean Energy Innovation Expo (referred to as "Energy Expo")—had its grand opening in Shenzhen.