In 2023, LF Energy propelled the global energy sector towards a sustainable future, aligning technology and innovation to decarbonize energy at scale. Through fostering collaboration across the tech and energy landscapes, LF Energy champions a tech ecosystem that accelerates the transition to green energy. This year’s report underscores a milestone of significant growth and pioneering advancements, spotlighting the addition of groundbreaking projects and a swell in global membership. It’s a testament to LF Energy’s critical role in reshaping our energy future, marked by a collective push towards interoperability and innovation.

Remembering Shuli Goodman

Shuli Goodman, the visionary founder of LF Energy, left an indelible mark on the quest for a sustainable energy future. Her foresight in merging open-source innovation with energy transformation paved the way for LF Energy’s pivotal role in the sector. Goodman’s legacy is not just in the organization she created but in the global community she rallied towards a shared vision of decarbonization and technological advancement. As we reflect on her contributions, LF Energy’s ongoing growth and impact serve as a testament to her groundbreaking work, driving forward her mission with unwavering dedication.

2023: A Year of Explosive Growth

2023 marked an era of unprecedented expansion for LF Energy, seeing a surge in both projects and membership. With nine innovative projects and an equal number of new members joining the fold, LF Energy’s ecosystem flourished. Contributor engagement soared by 30%, and the development landscape was enriched by a 22% increase in lines of code. Among the standout successes were the EVerest and SEAPATH projects, both of which transitioned to the Early Adoption phase, embodying LF Energy’s commitment to fostering cutting-edge solutions for the energy sector’s transformation.

LF Energy’s Project Ecosystem

LF Energy’s project ecosystem is a vibrant collection of initiatives crucial for the digital and green transformation of the energy sector. These projects span across various facets of energy management, including grid integration, renewable energy sources, and system optimization, contributing significantly to the sector’s transition towards sustainability. Each project under LF Energy’s umbrella is meticulously designed to address specific challenges, ensuring interoperability and innovation at the forefront of the energy transition.

LF Energy’s Global Impact

In 2023, LF Energy significantly bolstered its global presence, hosting and participating in key events that underscored its mission to foster a collaborative community across the energy sector. Strategic partnerships flourished, bringing together stakeholders from various industries to champion the adoption of open-source solutions for energy systems. These collaborative efforts, highlighted by the LF Energy Summit and contributions to major research initiatives, have been instrumental in advancing the digital transformation of the energy sector on a global scale.

The 2024 Vision and Beyond

As LF Energy propels into 2024, the focus sharpens on accelerating decarbonization through technology and collaboration. The roadmap envisions deeper integration of renewable energy sources, enhanced grid interoperability, and the promotion of open-source innovations. LF Energy calls on industry stakeholders, from startups to established utilities, to contribute their expertise and resources. This collective effort aims not only to meet urgent climate goals but to redefine the energy landscape for future generations.


The 2023 LF Energy Annual Report encapsulates a pivotal year of growth and innovation towards sustainable energy. Highlighting remarkable expansions, pivotal project advancements, and strengthened global collaborations, it calls for a unified push towards decarbonization. This collective journey towards an electrified, sustainable future requires the participation of all stakeholders across the energy spectrum.