The China Hi-Tech Fair Global Clean Energy Innovation Expo is set to take place as part of the 25th China International High-Tech Fair, a prestigious technology exhibition in China. This year, the Expo has doubled its exhibition area compared to the previous year, with a planned space of 160,000 sq.m. The event will feature high-level forums, including the Global Energy Sustainable Development Summit, with the participation of Chinese government leaders, industry CEOs, global scientists, and international organizations. The Expo aims to promote innovation and development in the clean energy sector, focusing on solar, wind, hydropower, hydrogen, geothermal, nuclear, and more.

The clean energy industry in China is experiencing significant growth, with renewables expected to reach 55% of the global total by 2024. The Expo aims to capitalize on this momentum, providing a platform for central energy enterprises, research institutions, and global energy companies to showcase their innovative products and technologies. Over 50 prominent central energy enterprises are expected to participate, contributing to the optimization and upgrading of the energy structure and promoting the “dual-carbon” strategy.

The transition from fossil fuels to non-fossil fuels presents substantial opportunities for clean energy development. As the world seeks to achieve the “dual carbon” target, clean energy is positioned as a key driver of economic resilience, low-carbon competitiveness, and social resilience. This transition is stimulating economic growth and job creation while aligning with sustainable development goals.

With its larger exhibition area and influential forums, the Global Clean Energy Innovation Expo is poised to be a guiding beacon for the global clean energy industry. Beyond showcasing the latest technological advancements, the Expo will foster deeper integration of the global energy industry chain, supply chain, and value chain. China’s central enterprises, energy research institutions, and global energy firms will collaborate to provide innovative solutions for a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

Furthermore, the Expo will continue to build on the success of the 2022 Global Clean Energy Innovation Expo, which was held at the Bao’an exhibition area during the China Hi-Tech Fair. This event became a focal point in the energy sector as a national, international, and high-level energy technology innovation summit. It featured over 800 exhibitors, covering an exhibition area of 80,000 sq.m. and showcasing more than 5,000 categories of new products. The Expo attracted over 150,000 offline visitors and garnered over 1 million online viewers through live streaming. With a strong emphasis on showcasing the achievements of technological innovation in the field of clean energy and featuring insights from global energy industry experts, the Expo added a brilliant touch to the China Hi-Tech Fair.

The Expo also serves as a global platform for knowledge exchange. During the conference, several parallel events were held, including the Global Clean Energy E6 Summit, featuring the Energy Technology Outlook Forum and Academician Conference, the Industrial Leaders Summit, the Urban Energy Conference, and the China High-Quality Development of Nuclear Energy Conference. These gatherings brought together global energy experts and industry leaders under the theme of “Green, Low-Carbon, Intelligent Innovation” to engage in exchanges and discussions, providing constructive guidance and effective practical approaches for the world’s energy scientific and technological innovation and development, furthering the goals of a sustainable and cleaner energy future.

In summary, the Global Clean Energy Innovation Expo’s expanded size and higher-level forums will serve as a pivotal event for the clean energy industry, not only in China but also globally. It will facilitate collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing, all crucial components of achieving a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. For more detailed information about the Expo, please refer to the full article at this link: Read more.